Wednesday, April 16, 2008

World's Fastest Man - Code For...

With the Olympics approaching, I'm going to let the novice and casual track fan in on a secret. The title, World's Fastest Man, is code for roid head. Do not take the bait and think for one second that you are seeing a natural performer becoming the fastest human. He's hopped up on PED's.

According to this past Sunday's NYT, Maurice Green, a former WFM, wired $10K to a relative of Angel Guillermo Heredia, the lead cooperating witness against Trevor Graham. Mr. Heredia also had two sets of blood test lab reports with Greene's name on it. It's ironic that Mr. Graham was the one who blew the doors off Balco by sending a syringe with a designer steroid to the feds now finds himself facing jail time for lying to federal officers.

Maurice, this does not look good. Neither does the fact that you are a goodwill ambassador for the sport of track and field. Do us all a favor and step down immediately. Until we acknowledge that the WFM really represents who is working with the best scientist, then I'm not going to pay any attention to these shenanigans.

Which country has the best chemist, who created the better, undetectable PED's leads to the World's Fastest Man, nothing else.

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