Thursday, November 13, 2008

Current HGH Test Has Caught No One

For the past eight years, the current blood test for HGH has caught a whopping zero people using the banned substance...that's correct, zero positives. Either no one is using the product or the test is ineffective in it's current state. I'll go with the latter.

In an article in the NYT, over 8,500 athletes have been tested for HGH since 2000 yet not one has tested positive. Osquel Barroso, the senior manager of science for the World Anti-Doping Agency, believed that out of competition testing would lead to positives. The current test will only come up positive if the user has used HGH about 30 hours after it is taken, a serious limitation on the effectiveness of the current test. "Barroso also said that another reason more athletes had not tested positive was that the threshold for a positive test was fairly high. When drug tests are first implemented, the level of detection is often high to avoid false positives, then lowered after thousands of tests have been conducted." The anti doping experts have said that athletes receive the most benefit from HGH when they use it several times a week while training.

Per the course, the MLB baseball union is feigning ignorance. Gene Orza, the general counsel for the players union said, “We are not going to jump to that conclusion that there is a test today. At best, the science is murky today and there are people invested in the test’s development.” Not jumping to the conclusion that there is a test today...a test that is administered at the Olympics?I've heard that rational thinking from the MLBPA before...we do not have a drug problem, etc. It's time to stop the "deny, deny, deny" game and be proactive. You might actually turn some fans back on to the sport.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marion Jones Seeks Sympathy on Oparah

Marion Jones recently made an appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" seeking sympathy and admitting that she made a mistake when she did not tell the truth. She probably still is not telling the truth when she claimed she could have won the medals even without using PED's.

If you really believe that, why would you cheat? So you could beat the competition by an additional one-one hundredth of a second? Fans of track and field are not that neurotic: either you win the gold or you don't. They don't care or remember what your margin of victory was. Quick: anyone know Usain Bolt's margin of victory in either the 100 or 200? I thought so.

The reason she gave for not telling the truth in a tearful letter written to her children while in prison was "because I didn’t love myself enough to tell the truth". Great statement and better yet, excellent audience and the tears definitely helped sell the whole story. However, at the end of the day, you cheated. You lied about it and denied it for years, going so far to write a book and claim that you were clean.

What would have worked better for a comeback, would have been to take full responsibility and say you were a misguided person attracted to the fame and fortune of athletic greatness and would do anything necessary to achieve your goal. Now, older and wiser, you see the error of your ways and seek the public's forgiveness. That would have went over huge with the Oprah crowd. Once again Marion, you blew it.

Conveniently, there was no mention of the check writing fraud that led to her incarceration.