Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jeff Novitzky Changes Teams; Jose Canseco Gets Grilled for 3 Hours

Another great day to be a fan of beef roids. You have Jose Canseco ratting out guys to the feds and Jeff Novitzky moving over from the IRS to the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations. The only next logical step in Mr. Novitzky's career path would be the ultimate culmination in tracking down 'roiders with a stint at the DEA.

Regarding Canseco, I have not read his latest book, Vindicated, but apparently he vowed that his source "Max" would have his back regarding the juiciest accusations he levied. The allegation on A-Rod, or as Jose would like us to believe, A-Roid.

"Max", in the real world, is known as Joseph Dion and did not have Jose's back regarding the claims against the alleged A-Roid. "A-Rod, at the time I trained him," Dion said, "was 100 percent against steroids."

Jose, the feds are up in the count 0-2. Now is not the time to try and crush one out the park. Make sure everything you tell the feds is the truth or you will be fighting for who gets the pillow when you join Marion Jones in the hole.

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