Friday, April 25, 2008

Selig Laying the Hammer on the Execs...Not

Did you see the latest with Bud? He is really taking the Mitchell Report to heart and laying down the law...or doing absolutely nothing at all! According to the article in the Daily News, Selig is considering doing nothing to the team executives and personnel that allowed the roid era to ruin MLB as we know it.

Let's examine what his motives could be for not netting out any punishment except for some community service. Could it be...that he was an owner? Is hired and retained by the owners?

Having Peter Magowan, owner of the Giants lecture some middle school is not punishment, it's PR and what he is currently doing to drum up interest in a pathetic franchise! Look, if the harshest punishment is community service, I want to see them cleaning out the stalls at their own ballpark after a doubleheader or picking up trash on the side of the road. Speaking to kids and glorifying baseball while harping on the dangers of roids is absolutely disingenuous, Peter. It's what got you where you are today.

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