Sunday, June 22, 2008

Big Brown to Ride Again: Trainer Expected to Recover in Time

Big Brown, who failed in his bid to win the Triple Crown, will ride again. His next race will be in the Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park August 3rd according to one of his co-owners, Michael Iavarone.

Mr. Iavarone must know something about the dramatic recovery of Big Brown trainer, Rick Dutrow. Dutrow has been ill for the past two weeks after the Belmont and was too ill to travel to testify in person at a Congressional subcommittee hearing on horse racing last Thursday. Dutrow claimed he notified Congress that he would not appear, but Congress was not aware of this development. Apparently the owners of Big Brown are not concerned that this illness will linger any longer than an unpleasant Congressional inquiry. The question everyone will be asking the Big Brown camp: is he back on the juice?

The marvels of modern medicine continue to confound. Medicine is able to get a trainer to perform at a peak level through the Triple Crown and then once the desired outcome is not achieved, combined with a Congressional inquiry where the trainer is a key witness, a mysterious illness pops up that prohibits travel? Someone better check Mr. Dutrow's travel records for the past two weeks. However, travel plans and race information are confirmed for the trainer's next event in August...incredible and only in horse racing.

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