Saturday, June 7, 2008

Big Brown Should've Roided Up

As I speculated in my prior post, if Big Brown did not win the Belmont and finish the Triple Crown, gamblers and other sports fans looking to see history will be furious that the horse wasn't getting shot full of Winstrol.

With Big Brown finishing dead last, contradicting Rick Dutrow Jr's contention earlier in the week that a Belmont win was a "foregone conclusion", Dutrow can expect, and should take some heat for his training methods. This performance will also shed some more light on whether steroids do improve a horse's performance. The initial evidence would point to yes.

The quotes from all members involved with Big Brown also corroborate that roids make a difference. The on site veterinarian noticed nothing wrong with the horse. Yet, the jockey stated that the horse had nothing to give and the owner said he was not himself today. Not having anything to give and not being himself is code for the drop off in production from a lack of Winstrol.

If the gamblers and fans really want to see history and true competition, ban roids and all other detectable PED's where horse racing occurs. It's that simple. No one is even talking about how the long shot, Da' Tara, won the race by going wire to word yet on whether that trainer shot up the horse with roids, but let the speculation begin.

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Anonymous said...

I lost it all on Big Brown! He should have been given the spike.