Monday, May 5, 2008

Former WFM Now Dealing H

No sooner than I shed some light on what The World's Fastest Man is code for, we have a former WFM in the news...for all the wrong reasons.

Tim Montgomery was arrested Wednesday, April 30th, accused of dealing more than 100 grams of heroin in Virginia over the past year. The timing could not be any worse for the sprinter. He is soon to be sentenced in a scheme to cash millions of dollars in stolen or forged checks. Montgomery’s former companion, Marion Jones, is already in the hole serving a six-month prison term for lying to investigators about her role in the check scam and using performance-enhancing drugs.

Tim, I doubt you'll be able to outrun the feds on this one. I don't get what you were you were trying to accomplish by writing bogus checks with Marion: relive the thrill of pulling a fast one on an unsuspecting public similar to what you and Marion accomplished when you were peaking on PED's? But Tim, selling H is too low for a disgraced former WFM to fall. Ben Johnson thinks you've given all the WFM a black eye and is willing to permanently ban you from the club.

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