Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apology Fallout: S-Rob v. A-Rod

In his Monday interview with ESPN, Alex Rodriguez claimed that the Sports Illustrated reporter, Selena Roberts, was stalking him and tried to break into his home while his daughters were asleep.

"What makes me upset is that Sports Illustrated pays this lady, Selena Roberts, to stalk me," Rodriguez told Gammons. "This lady has been thrown out of my apartment in New York City. This lady has five days ago just been thrown out of the University of Miami police for trespassing. And four days ago she tried to break into my house where my girls are up there sleeping, and got cited by the Miami Beach police. I have the paper here."

Shocking accusations for sure during his confessional, if only they were true. According to the New York Daily News, there is no record of Roberts' alleged crimes. This latest development further diminishes A-Rod's credibility for being completely honest during that interview. Only used PED's during a three year period? About as likely as a reporter "breaking into" your house.

Per the Daily News, "I haven't been able to find anything to corroborate that she has tried to break into his home," Detective Juan Sanchez of the Miami Beach police said. "I haven't been able to find anything that corroborates the statement Alex Rodriguez made to ESPN.".

Regarding the trespassing at the University of Miami, police Sgt. Janette Frevola added that none of the recent trespassing reports from the university matched the description provided by A-Rod. All UM incidents are recorded and then passed to the Coral Gables police. She added that it was possible that the reporter was asked to leave, but the incident didn't warrant filing a report.

Scoreboard reads Roberts: 1, A-Rod: 0.

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